Who is the Mapping Center?

A not-for-profit organization founded in 1997 which helps Christian ministries understand their mission fields, and mobilize their mission forces to share Christ with every home in the U.S.

What is the Online Community Connector?

Using the everyhome database, name address and demographic information is provided on virtually every U.S. adult that receives mail. Includes 201 Million single adults or married couples at 126 mailiing addresses throughout America.

What are its purposes?

1. To equip the Body of Christ to identify virtually every home in America in order to pray for them by name and reach them with the Gospel.

2. To identify and connect with neighbor homes based on their cultures, circumstances and challenges. (e.g. imigrants, widows, single moms, etc).

What fields of information are included for each home?

  • Surname (Last Name)
  • Given name (First Name)
  • Title
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Presence of Children by age and gender
  • Street address, Apt #, or PO Box
  • Latitude and Longitude of dwelling
  • Census Block code - links Census data
  • Type of residence (e.g. Single-Family, Apt)
  • Length of Residence
  • Whether they Own or Rent the dwelling
  • Census Block Group/County boundaries
  • Probable amount of people in the home
  • 147 classifications of ethnicity
  • 80 classifications of languages spoken
  • Probable Religion
  • Education level
  • Income Bracket and Niches
  • Country of origin (If Hispanic)

Has this data been available to churches previously?

No, nothing even close to this level of detailed information at the household level has ever been available in this format.

How is this data derived?

Data is compiled from public information sources, public census data and freely given information such as on warranty cards. No financial, credit card, income tax or other private information is either used in the compilation or made available.

What about privacy issues?

All data is from publicly available information or self-disclosed information. Just like the "Do Not Call" directory, anyone can opt out from disclosure of their information.

How can the data be used?

The data can be used for mailings, prayer lists, door hangers, canvassing, mission field analysis, and to equip and mobilize the members of the church to minister to their neighbors.

What areas can be accessed?

A church can access approximately 70 miles around their worship center.

How is the ethnicity data derived?

Complex algorithms involving common first and last names, combined with census data, makes estimations about likely ethnicity, language and religion.

How much does it cost?

The cost is based on the size of the ministry using the service. CLICK HERE for information on our pricing.

Is every U.S. resident included?

Only adults 18+ are shown. Some adults may not yet be available on public sources, or have opted out. Approximately 95% of adults are likely to be present.

How can I learn more?

Email: Info@mappingcenter.org

Phone: 1 (888) 627-7997