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Statement of Faith

Members must agree to the following:
"We believe that the Bible is our sole source of authority for faith and practice. We believe in the person and works of Jesus Christ: Fully God, Fully Man, for full salvation as Lord and Savior.”

Terms of Use

The Mapping Center leases and integrates various forms of maps and data on a national level in order to make that information available to churches for use in their local mission fields. Virtually all the data is compiled from publicly available sources or self disclosed information. Barring any unforseen delays, the data offered through the Mapping Center is updated quarterly. The membership constitutes a data lease, which is limited to time periods and limitations of use of the data. Mapping Center members agree to strictly limit the use of data to not-for-profit Christian outreach initiatives within the time constraints of the membership periods. All members and users within their organizations are required to complete a contract agreeing to abide by the limited use of data, including to supply two copies of each mailing piece to the Mapping Center, as is required by the Mapping Center’s agreement with its data suppliers.

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