Bless Every Home Lights

  • A free personalized and customizable list of your own neighbors so that you can begin to know your neighbors like never before.

  • Color-coded tracking tools to record your Pray, Care, Share journey with each neighbor home.

  • Daily reminder emails featuring a prayer prompt and the next 5 neighbors to pray for that day.

  • A private prayer journal to keep track of prayer requests or notable life events for each neighbor.

  • Access to our collection of resources to help you grow in your ability to bring others to Christ.

  • Ability to connect with your church and share your progress.

  • And much more!


price: FREE

Bless Every Home Partner

  • A real-time dashboard that allows you to track your church members’ progress in covering their neighborhoods in prayer.

  • A coverage map that allows you to see where your church members are and which areas have the highest percentage of houses adopted by Lights.

  • Name, address, and email address of all of the Lights associated with your church.

  • A promotional URL that makes it easy for your members to sign up and be automatically linked with your church.

  • Associations can do all of the above as well as track multiple churches and other associations.

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Church: Association:

Monthly - $15 Yearly - $180 Monthly - $25 Yearly - $300

Online Community Connector

  • See your mission field like never before with information on nearly EVERY home in your area.

  • Each home contains 18 different likely attributes including ethnicity, language spoken, marital status, age group and more!

  • Upload your church member file to plot all of your church members on the map and connect them with new prospects.

  • Apply multiple filters to search for specific likely attributes.

  • Create projects to learn more about who lives in specific neighborhoods, zip codes or even down to a single street.

  • Download your projects to create targeted mailing lists.

  • Combine with a Bless Partner subscription to map your Lights with even greater detail.

  • And much more!

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note: The Online Community Connector is a minimum 12 month commitment even when paid monthly.

New Movers

  • Each week you’ll receive a list of up to 25 households that have moved into a 15 mile radius of your church.

  • The list includes name, address, and how many miles they moved from their last address.

  • Your weekly movers are also plotted on your map.

  • You can combine the New Movers service with the power of the Online Community Connector to match church members with their newest neighbors.

  • These people are more likely to accept an invitation to your church as they are likely looking for a new church home or new community to join.

new movers Service.png


Church or Association: Monthly - $25 Yearly - $300