When your Online Community Connector Ministry Account and personal password have been setup, you will be able to log-in, create and share custom projects and pull maps and lists from anywhere within 70 miles of your church. 


Google Chrome is our recommended browser, mainly because we are working with Google Maps so they are designed to be compatible. Firefox and Safari also have worked fine. The only browser that seems to have frequent problems is Internet Explorer - especially versions earlier that 9.

To login, open a new tab in your browser and go to www.mappingcenter.net 

In the first line on the white control panel type in the same email address through which you received your password. Then type in the password you received on the second line and click SIGN IN. 

Would you please sign-in at your earliest convenience to verify you see colored icons for the households. If you do not see the colored icons, please let us know right away. We have tested it so you should have no problems, but we just want to make sure it works on your end, as well.


While we try to make the program as intuitive as possible, it has many powerful functions. We should be setting up private training sessions for your team. We will record them and post them to Vimeo so you or any new team members who receive passwords will be able to watch them 24/7.  

Or you can always Click here to register for one of our live, interactive webinars, which we offer every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 2 PM and 3 PM Eastern Time.


Please remember, the program is often crunching a huge amount of data in your searches, so occasionally the map may take a minute to refresh. It will ask if you want to wait.  Please say you want to wait the first time it asks. Normally it will refresh within a few more seconds. If it still stalls out or returns no records in the CSV file, try choosing a smaller area.

If you have trouble with the program for any reason, such as it locks up or does not return the records you expected, please refresh your screen. Use the F5 key on a PC (or Command + R on a Mac)  to clear the memory and start over. If that does not fix the problem and you are using a browser other than Chrome, please try opening the program in a Chrome window and see if that helps. If that still does not fix it, contact the Mapping Center and we will take a look. 


We recommend you set measurable goals for the next 12 months, which we can come back and monitor throughout the year with you. 

Please click this link for a helpful planning tool your team can use to set your priorities. 

For more tutorials and helpful resources, please click on the "Learn More" button at the bottom of the white control panel or go to www.MappingCenter.org/support/

We do appreciate the opportunity to partner with you to reach every home in your mission field with the Love of Christ.

Please email or call me if you have any questions.