Know your neighbors and mobilize your mission team like never before

Is your church fulfilling the Great Commission in your local mission field?

To fulfill his eternal purpose, the Lord planted your church where you are to pray for and introduce the transforming love of Jesus Christ to your neighbors.

An intentional Great Commission church is a missionary sending organization, where every member home is a mission outpost. The role of the church is to equip each member for the work of the ministry.

In our complex society, how we pray for and connect with each neighbor, build relationships and share the Gospel will vary based on their individual cultural backgrounds, life-stages and challenges.

That's why the new Online Community Connector outreach toolbox helps you see your neighbor and church homes in a whole new light.

For the 1st time, you can instantly see more than 16 probable household level attributes for the homes within 70 miles of your church, including: 

name & address, age group, marital status, presence of children, education level, ethnicity, language spoken in the home, length of residence, affluence ...and more

Explore how household characteristics are clustered in your mission field

Turn on the legend to see the color-coded distribution of household characteristics in your mission field. Identify target neighborhoods for advertising the most appropriate programs (for children, seniors, etc).

Use filters to create segments, then share or download contacts

Create a target segment of homes within, say, 10 miles of your church with children under 10 that moved to the area within the last 12 months. Get creative based on your upcoming events and programs. Then, download detailed contact lists for mailings and neighborhood canvassing. Mail as often as you choose.


Reach every home in your mission field

Find homes with kids

Identify homes of least reached people groups

Map member and visitor homes

Build community among neighboring members

Turn member homes in to mission outposts with Neighborhood Prayer Lists

Discover your mission field sweet spot and strategic neighborhoods

Identify church-plant opportunities

Mail as often as you like to any filtered list

Build and track outreach projects

Share maps and lists with team members

Know your members better

Prayerwalk and canvas neighborhoods

Connect your visitors with their neighboring members

See household level demographics through 14 lenses

Divide your mission field into distinct neighborhoods

Reach out to new neighbors

Connect members and visitors with open life groups

Some detailed screenshots...

And videos to learn more...