Know your neighbors and mobilize your mission team like never before

God planted your church to assist your neighbors to be disciples. We can help.

In our complex society, how you pray for and connect with each neighbor will depend on their culture, circumstances and challenges.

That's why you and your team can be more effective leaders, making bolder, wiser decisions with the new Online Community Connector outreach toolbox.

It's like going from legally blind to eagle eyes on your mission field.

It's so easy. If you can use Google Maps, you'll engage immediately. 

For the 1st time, you'll see colored markers defining 14 household level attributes for your neighbor homes within 70 miles, including: 

name & address, age group, marital status, presence of children, education level, ethnicity, language spoken in the home, length of residence, affluence ...and more

As soon as you start clicking on these remarkable new maps your leadership team will gain new insight, direction, hope and energy to fulfill your church mission and vision. 

"Want to create urgency? Pull out a map!"

Steve Pike, Author and National Director - The Church Multiplication Network

The fact is, these treasure maps can be your most powerful vision-casting leadership and mobilization tools over the coming years.

Save thousands & connect with more neighbors by filtering on need & interest

Did you hear about the business owner who didn't believe in advertising, until he advertised his going out of business sale? 

Unfortunately, most churches in America fall into one of two categories:

  1. They're frustrated by high costs of traditional mailing with no discernible results, so they don't mail at all, or 

  2. They waste a small fortune mailing to thousands of homes that have little interest or need for the ministry being offered.

Now there's a better way.

Case in point: Church saves 70% and connects with more new families

OLD WAY: A church wants to reach neighbor families with young children. So they send 30,000 VBS invitation postcards to every home within five miles for $5,000 (Their blew their whole outreach mailing budget and got marginal response). 

BETTER WAY: With the Online Community Connector the church invests  $1,500 mailing to the 3,000 homes with kids between 3 and 10 in neighborhoods within an 8 minute drive of the church, as well as their strategic highly occupied member neighborhoods.  Better yet, the church gives selected members a list of their close neighbor homes with VBS age kids for truly personal invitations.

Bottom line: The church connects with more new neighbor families while saving $3,500 ( 70%).

Is your church "building centered" or "missionary sending"?

Most American churches follow an "Attractional Model" i.e. building centered. Almost every staff person works in the building and plans bigger and better events with the "Build it and they'll come" mentality. But an intentional Great Commission church is a missionary sending organization, where every member home is a mission outpost. The primary role of the Great Commission church is to recruit, equip, network and dispatch each member home to pray for and reach the people they live near.

Winner of the 2014
eXcelerate Award
from MissioNexus

"for innovation in helping
churches accelerate the
fulfillment of the
Great Commission."


Lead your church higher and farther with 14 new lenses on your mission field

Save thousands and multiply mail response by filtering on need and interest

Grow your youth ministries and schools by finding homes with kids by age group

Pray for and minister to homes who have probably never heard the Gospel

Expand your seniors ministry - soon to be the largest segment of our population

Discover the true reach of your ministry by mapping church homes

Turn far more visitors into members through neighboring member follow-up 

Strengthen your Church Body and close the back by connecting members when they live in the same neighborhoods

Transform member homes into Mission Outposts with Neighborhood Prayer Lists

Get more visitors by finding and working your mission field sweet spots

Open successful new campuses with unique cluster analysis and demographic snapshot tools

Launch and grow language based churches through ethnic filters 

Connect with far more neighbor homes using unique Project management tools

Save months of staff time by sharing updatable maps with project leaders

Prayer-walk and canvas neighborhoods with far greater long-term results

Subdivide your mission field easily with distinct neighborhood structures

Get more new movers to visit by mobilizing their neighboring members

Launch and sustain reproducing life groups with new touch-screen technology

Exceed capital campaign goals by knowing your members better

Collaborate with area churches for saturation prayer in your community

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