Features Overview

This New Mover Hotline is designed to help churches and associations to harvest their "low-hanging fruit." At the push of a button begin receiving monthly updates of who just moved into your mission field. This service gives you access to a way to reach people during the most stressful and vulnerable time of their lives. Use this tool to make your members missionaries to their neighbors like never before!


The yellow icons indicate families that have just moved into the vicinity of your church. These individuals are your church's "low-hanging fruit," the people who will be most in need of a new church family!

The green icons indicate where your church members live in relation to new movers. With your new view of your mission field, you can quickly mobilize your members to welcome their new neighbors.

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A New Mover subscription also allows you to download your New Mover list. You can print and distribute this list to your members to encourage them to engage with their new neighbors.